Mind Boosting Secrets book

This book discusses the use of natural brain nutrients to improve one's alertness, memory, focus, concentration and mood. All the supplements discussed in the book are available over the counter without a prescription. Ray Sahelian, M.D. wrote the book Mind Boosters: Natural Supplements that Enhance your Mind, Memory, and Mood  which was initially published by St. Marten's Press. Bottom Line Health bought the rights to republish it with the title Mind Boosting Secrets and they promoted the book to their list of customers with great success.

Questions and comments from readers
We are from Argentina. Mind Boosting Secrets is great for us, but kindly advise us what our grandchildren can do to perform better in school, particularly mathematics. Are there supplements children can take to boost their mental powers?
   There is no need for children or teenagers take daily mind boosting supplements unless there is an obvious mental deficit that responds to a brain nutrient. A good family home with support from parents and the rest of the family, a healthy diet with lots of whole grains, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and minimal amounts of sugar or junk foods, a home environment that has a lot of mental stimulation, a good amount of exercise and outdoor activity, and deep sleep are all enough to provide a foundation for optimal mental performance. If there is not enough fish in the diet, perhaps fish oil supplements could be helpful.

In Mind Boosting Secrets, it is mentioned that hormone supplements such as DHEA and pregnenolone have many side effects. Are they useful as brain enhancers?
    They are, but it is preferable to use them as a last resort and rather try natural supplements first such as acetyl l carnitine, DMAE, ginkgo biloba, cdp choline, and others.

I would like to thank you first, for writing the book, Mind Boosting Secrets. After reading your book, I was so impressed by it that I purchased extra copies for my friends, unfortunately, most of them did not share my enthusiasm. When I first read your book, I was constantly battling chronic fatigue (not very successfully). I liked the way you presented material, sited research and presented your own experiences. Its a wonderful reference which has been a tremendous help in my fight with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

Dear Doctor, I am DR. HARI ( a naturopath ) from India. I Went through your book MIND BOOSTING SECRETS and found it very very interesting and would like to appreciate your hard work. As you have mentioned a good life style along with these supplements works out wonderfully and not the supplements alone. I would like to thank from heart for formulating such a wonderful book in a very simple form your support and guidance valuable for me. My greetings for you !! With prayers and well wishes. Waiting for your positive reply eagerly for a good team work. DR. HARI, R.K NATURE CURE HOME, R;K;G INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, GANAPATHY, COIMBATORE-06, India.

I am currently reading Dr Sahelian's book Mind Boosting Secrets which is of great personal interest to me as I am currently experimenting with supplements which affect neurotransmitters. I do find different nutrients and herbs affect my mind differently. I enjoy reading the doctor's personal experiences with these supplements.

My son (now 15 years old) has been showing symptoms of ADD from childhood. We have seen multiple specialists and as of 2008 enrolled him in the Drake Institutes program (more on them later). In all instances he had been diagnosed with borderline ADD and in the case of his evaluation at the Drake institute also was suspect to have shown symptoms of Aspergers disorder (a form of Autism), again borderline. He was prescribed Ritalin and after some research we decided against it and tried to look at supplements. I purchased a program called Wild Divine in 2006 that uses a biofeedback device attached to the fingers that operates more like a game that takes the gamer through mazes and has multiple levels from beginner to advanced. Since I felt that my childhood was filled with similar experiences and I was never diagnosed, I decided to try it out myself and the results were promising, although required discipline to follow up on and the effects were not as long lasting. I have learned a lot from the program though and it has helped me with meditation techniques that helps me cope with my own situation. My son on the other hand initially tried it and thought it was boring and did not continue it. I still think it has some credence and will continue to use it myself. We enrolled him in 18 sessions of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback sessions at the Drake Institute with minimal results. They used similar techniques and we decided not to continue any treatment there for its ineffectiveness. I purchased the book Mind Boosters or Mind Boosting Secrets back in 2008 at a CVS pharmacy and became very interested in the vast amount of useful information contained in it. I also purchased your Mind Power Rx formula back then and started using it myself and had my son try it towards the end of the school season with very promising results, although within a month of deciding to give him a summer break from the supplement he seemed to relapse into the same symptoms again. Our son's situation came to a critical point in the past few months and I started doing more research on supplements and came across some research by a Romanian doctor that had experimented with DMAE and PABA in a formula that seemed to have some promising effects. The name of this formula was Procaine Gerovital GH3. It was banned in the US for some unknown reason back in the 90's and there a lot of providers claiming the age-reversing effects of this supplement. After re-reading your book regarding DMAE as an ethyl donor, I started connecting the dots and here I am. We are currently giving our son a combination of DMAE (250 mg) and PABA in the morning before he goes to school along with your Mind Power Rx formula. We are also supplementing him with 100 mg of 5-HTP before bedtime, due to his constant complaining about lack of sleep (his complaint was his mind races about in bed). The initial results were unbelievable. He is more focused, less aggravated and a self disciplined child with his daily school and athletic activities. We will wean him off the 5-HTP in about a week to see whether his sleeping will be as good without it as it is right now with it. I am looking at different fish oils that we can supplement his diet with as well. We eat fish once a week now and I feel it to be insufficient and also not of a sufficient variety that would potentially maximize the results. On top of that and in anticipation of him getting off the 5-HTP he is working with a program called neuro-programmer 3. This program makes binaural, monaural, and isochronic beats to attune the brain to different states of mind of Beta, Theta, Alpha and Delta frequencies. I am hoping that after he uses this program he can regulate his own mind and body through techniques and sounds generated by this program. We are still a bit sketchy on the results, but in 3 sessions that I used it myself for relaxation in the Delta state, I went into the deepest sleep I have gone into that I can remember and I would awake each time feeling like I had slept in for longer than I actually had.I will provide more feedback as it becomes available.

Thank you for the fantastic book Mind Boosters. It has helped me build a company and a product that I have always dreamed about. I purchased the book to further my interest in the subject of enhancing brain function and memory. I found all the information extremely useful, if you open up my copy you will say highlights and post-it notes everywhere!!! My favourite part is when the doctor is talking about a particular experience in The Authors Experience section. This is unique and helps explain whether or not one actually FEELs the effects and what to expect physically. I loved that part.